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April 9, 2019

Executive Summary



Lifeinsure.io is not traditional insurance. It’s not an insurance company at all, LFI is a revolutionary crowdfunding token.

LFI is a self-funded project and would launch as a fully functioning website, and both mobile applications IOS and Android.

Our team seeks to create the world’s first decentralized community-based pool of participants worldwide that sponsor each other to leave a legacy behind for their families: Just like it was in the early form of life insurance dates to Ancient Rome; “burial clubs” covered the cost of members’ funeral expenses and assisted survivors financially or just like The first company to offer life insurance in modern times was the Amicable Society for a Perpetual Assurance Office, This is a preliminary draft of our white papers, changes expected to be made with a fast-changing technology we are always searching for new solutions and ideas on how to improve the security, fraud prevention, user experience.

Lifeinsure.io is not an insurance company in the traditional way we know insurance to be. It is a death benefit token paid by your fellow community members via smart contract and not by any company LFI is intended to be a model for a community support system that starts with a death benefit token and the goal would be to branch out to other possible community support areas, just in the likes of the most popular crowdfunding companies on the internet who are some specific to support business ideas, musicians, artists, people in need, just add LFI to that growing list

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The Company

 The world is changing, the usage of the Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts is finally removing the Underwriter and a growing overhead from the traditional insurance game and reducing costs allowing a death benefit token to the developing world who otherwise can never afford it. Finally, a cryptocurrency with real-life utility: the LifeInsure LFI token, the death benefit token which is revolutionizing life insurance as we know it through blockchain technology.


The Problem:

The most devastating day in our lives is the day we lose a loved one, LFI death benefit token is a crowdfunding token that would help to ease the financial burden that comes along with this horrible experience. The life insurance industry is over-corporatized and ineffective. Though life insurance is necessary, not enough people have it, (according to the Genworth LifeJacket Study, 52% of Americans over 18 have no life insurance) and there’s a good chance that those who have a policy are insufficiently covered. Moreover, payouts on individual plans are often not distributed to beneficiaries at all. People lack options that are indeed in their interest.

Life insurance is an enormous, unnecessarily complex, and arguably corrupt marketplace that prevents the average person from receiving benefits or even obtaining the coverage that will account for expenses upon their death. Payout claims are often met with resistance from insurance companies or refused outright for payment. Sometimes requires legal action to receive the funds an individual is rightfully entitled to Life insurance premiums are throwaway funds (similar to paying rent for an apartment); fail to produce ROI The older/less healthy fail to qualify; many are left uninsured Increasingly expensive as individual ages; costs the most during the very years when it is needed most to leave something to your family

Adding to this, the ACLI reports that since 1988 “the number of active companies … has fallen steadily, mostly due to company mergers and consolidations.” it creates a monopolization of large companies dominating and dictating the terms for providing insurance to masses of people, and subsequent issues of scale prevent competition from entering the space to equalize the playing field.


The Solution:

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology provide the perfect way to completely disrupt the life insurance industry by allowing individuals to band together and manage their policies. LifeInsure proposes the LFI token ERC865 (an ERC-20 token), which is your life insurance policy. LFI harnesses the power of the Ethereum network to provide life insurance on the blockchain. ERC865 a more user-friendly token allows paying transaction fees Using LFI tokens.

An intermediary third party introduced who is willing to take transfer fee in tokens and forward the transfer transaction with the necessary payment in ether to the blockchain. This process is secured using cryptographic signatures.




  • A: Sender of the payment
  • B: Recipient of the payment
  • D: Delegate, doing the transaction for A, and paying for the gas
  • X: Amount of Token T sent from A to B
  • Y: Fee paid in Token T, from A to D for the transaction
  • T: Token to send
  • N: Nonce
  • S: Signed message from sender containing all the details of the transaction



  1. The user A chooses a quote from the delegate D for the value of the fee Y for 1 transaction (depending on gas price + value of token in ETH).
  2. With their private key, the user generates S by taking the sha3 of the payload P{T,B,X, Y, N}and signing it using the private key.
  3. The user sends P(unhashed, unsigned) to the delegate and S
  4. The delegate verifies that Y and D have not been altered
  5. The delegate proceeds to submit the transaction from his account D delegatedTransfer(S, B, X, Y, N)
  6. The delegatedTransfer method reconstructs the sha3 H of the payload P
  7. We can then call ecrecover(S) and, make sure that the result matches A, and if that’s the case, safely move X tokens from A to B and Y tokens from A to D.




function delegatedTransfer(

bytes _signature,

address _to,

uint256 _value,

uint256 _fee,



) public returns (bool)

Is called by the delegate, and performs the transfer. reference implementation of delegatedTransfer:

function delegatedTransfer(

bytes _signature,

address _to,

uint256 _value,

uint256 _fee,



) public returns (bool) {

require(_to != address(0));

require(signatures[_signature] == false);

bytes32 hashedTx = transferPreSignedHashing(address(this), _to, _value, _fee, _nonce);

address from = ecrecover(hashedTx, _signature);

require(from != address(0));

balances[from] = balances[from].sub(_value).sub(_fee);

balances[_to] = balances[_to].add(_value);

balances[msg.sender] = balances[msg.sender].add(_fee);

signatures[_signature] = true;

Transfer(from, _to, _value);

Transfer(from, msg.sender,


TransferPreSigned(from, _to, msg.sender, _value,


return true;

} function transferPreSignedHashing(

address _token, address _to,

uint256 _value,

uint256 _fee,



) public pure returns (bytes32)

{ /* “48664c16”: transferPreSignedHashing(address,address,address,uint256,uint256,uint256)


return keccak256(bytes4(0x48664c16), _token, _to, _value, _fee, _nonce);


  1. New users have to understand how ethereum works in order to understand the gas price and gas cost
  2. They have to acquire the necessary ether to pay for the gas


These two create unnecessary hurdles for the adoption of DAPPS with inbuilt tokens. This process should be abstracted away for simplicity so that users can use the DAPP without being concerned about underlying ethereal network ERC865 is a novel step in this direction to address these issues and provide a better UX for ERC20 token transfers.


How does it work?


After registering on our secure database, place your tokens into storage (known as “staking”) to your wallet is your policy’s value. Let your LFI tokens earn the community support ; through official government APIs, our database pulls in notices of an individual’s passing. At that time, a smart contract is triggered on the blockchain, which doubles the tokens held in the policy, and the tokens are automatically released to the designated beneficiaries. No claims to submit, no reviews, no waiting period, and anyone can purchase a policy with LifeInsure.io There are no restrictions, such as age or health status; or whom you can leave as a beneficiary. Moreover, if you need the funds early, you are free to sell them on a rainy day.

LifeInsure is allowing people with life insurance to have control, own their policy, and truly benefit. It is made possible through blockchain technology.

LFI focus on mobile application for easy access and monitoring of your LFI token as well as use it to transact sell and buy on the go.

LFI is not an investment and not a supplemental income and cant be and shouldnt be use as such, Holding your token in your wallet for a minimum of 5 years would qualify to a double the payout 2x the balance Holding your token in your wallet for 10 years would triple the payout 3x the balance Holding your token in your wallet for 15 years would quadruple the payout 4x the balance Holding your token in your wallet for 20 years would 5x the balance in your wallet. The absolute true use of the token is to help people in times of need as well as ourselves and shouldnt be used for any other purpose.


The Target Market

people worldwide of all legal ages, race, and social status can be part of community members supporting each other during times of need.


Pricing Strategy

Buy in the token for a fraction of ETH value at start ETH=1000


Capital Requirements


The LFI token wouldn’t raise any investors money. All funding for this project are self-funded and paid by one single individual. No fundraiser or ICO wouldn’t take place, and LFI would launch as a finished product. Building a community of like minded people and expanding the network would be the sole purpose going forward. token sell would allow LFI to expand service to many more countries, improve the system, maintain the system and build a robust fraud preventing a system that would keep the LFI token for many generations ahead.


Business Plan – LFI TOKEN LLC


The Company

Business Sector

 The owners would like to start a business in the crowdfunding sector.

Organizational Timeline

The LFI token is a self funded project by the founder, the technology is in testing and working well, And would be fully functioning at launch day (Q3 2019) over the next 5 years the LFI team is going to expand our data collections with death reporting agencies to all countries where data is avail via API or any other means. IOS, android application and secure infrastructure are all built and in beta testing with APIs to death reporting agencies testing in the US and Canada.


The Product Marketing Plan

The Target


people world wide of all ages, race, and social status can be part of a community members supporting each other during times of need. LFI would be using social media and word to mouth community building of like minded people who are the charitable and the caring type to help a family in time of need.



Daily Operations

in the next 5 years LFI would strive to implement all countries who would provide death reporting. LFI day to day mission is to continue improving the death verification technology and fraud prevention. building new technology to hopefully provide other type of insurances using smart contracts to a community who refuse to pay for abuse of the system.

Operational Facilities

LFI technology is outsourced to talented developers around the world to keep cost down. our suppliers and our team and board members are growing and new members are added base on valuable contribution the more LFI learns of the challenges in the space.


Join our team if you feel you can be of help.



LFI TOKEN LLC will employ one full-time employee in the initial startup phase.